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Insoric RealPower Dyno-System 'Professional'

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Type: unlimited measurements

Delivery includes Insoric RealPower Dyno-System Basic:

  • RealPower measuring module
  • Software RealPower
  • electronic documentation
  • barometer/thermometer
  • wheel caliper
  • 50 Double Sided Sensor Tape to mount the sensor to the wheel.
  • sensor protective cap
  • USB-cable
  • USB-stick (licence key)
  • Quick Step Guide
  • data checklist
  • pen
  • quality certificate/security instructions
  • big case

Performance measurement on motor vehicles

The performance of a motor vehicle is based on non-binding manufacturer data. Tuning, equipment components, age and wear have a considerable effect on the engine and on the wheel power. A headache for car dealers, garage owners, tuners, car lovers, road traffic offices and police bodies: up to now, there has been no way to simply and inexpensively measure the performance of a motor vehicle.


Innovative performance measurement – Insoric RealPower

Insoric RealPower is the mobile and forward-looking system for performance measurement on engines. Using an innovative measurement procedure, it records the performance in a surprisingly simple way: precisely and understandably, without the user needing any special knowledge in advance.


Insoric RealPower components

Insoric RealPower includes the following components - all compactly packed in a practical case:

  1. Case
  2. RealPower module
  3. Fixing systems
  4. Canister with fixing systems
  5. Canister with protective cap
  6. Wheel measuring device
  7. Barometer/Thermometer
  8. Ball-point pen
  9. USB lead 
  10. Installation CD/DVD 
  11. USB Stick (licence key)
  12. Instruction manual
  13. Quick Step Guide
  14. Data checklist 
  15. Quality certificate/Safety instructions


Benefits for different types of users

  • For the professional car garage, Insoric RealPower is not just a clever tool to generate more sales and strengthen customer loyalty, but is also a highly accurate diagnostic tool. Insoric Real Power thereby becomes a valuable and unique selling point over the competition (see example below).
  • For the professional tuner, Insoric RealPower is the reference instrument for making improvements in performance understandable and comparable.
  • For the private automobile fan, Insoric RealPower is the “heart rate monitor” for his beloved hobby.
  • For the user of the rolling test bed, Insoric RealPower is the innovative extension of test possibilities for motor vehicles.
  • For the public sector, Insoric RealPower provides transparency and thereby more safety in road traffic.


Special features of Insoric RealPower

  • High precision, innovative sensor technology: the Insoric RealPower-measurement module
  • The measurements are carried out without any complicated cabling and completely without an electrical interface
  • Simple and fast data evaluation on the PC
  • Low acquisition and maintenance costs
  • Neither specialist personnel nor special know-how required
  • Flexible to use: measurements can be carried out practically anywhere and at any time
  • The measurement takes place in the effective vehicle environment, i.e. during a measurement run on a road
  • Made in Switzerland: development, production and distribution take place in and from Switzerland
  • Conclusion: highly reliable, precise, understandable and comparable measurements based on the actual conditions

Insoric RealPower is a real innovation. The development received substantial support from a technical university in Switzerland.

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