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AutoTuner Universal Bench Cable with Micropins

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AutoTuner Universal Bench Cable with Micropins

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We have added multiple pins types and additional wires, so you can connect to a wide variety of ECU’s. Additionally each wire is now individually labelled to avoid wrong connections.

Includes OEM Bosch MDG1 micro pins!

This cable is manufactured to our usual high quality standards, connections include:

  • 8 x 12V connectors (assorted sizes)
  • 6 x GROUND connectors (assorted sizes)
  • 4 x IGNITION (assorted sizes)
  • 3 x CAN Low (assorted sizes)
  • 3 x CAN High (assorted sizes)
  • 3 x CAN2 Low (assorted sizes)
  • 3 x CAN2 High (assorted sizes)
  • 1 x PWD1
  • 1 x PWD2
  • 1 x BOOT Connector to link with ATUC050 universal box

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