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Dynomag Hub 2WD/4WD

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  • 2 WD
  • 4 WD
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Dynomag Hub - Redefine the future

A completely new concept for a vehicle test bench: Forget stands, ramps and holding devices. Dynomag Hub can be used in any type of workshop and ensures extremely accurate and repeatable measurements. In 15 minutes, you can find out your vehicle's horsepower and torque after a quick and intuitive setup.

Compact It can be installed in any workshop. The space required is very small and a single person is enough to move the components of the workbench, which can be stored after use.

Precise The direct connection to the wheel hub increases the precision and repeatability of every test. The absence of rollers and wheels that can act as variables optimizes calibration and improves the quality of results.

secure The hubs are connected directly to the vehicle, eliminating the risk of uncoupling, losing tire parts or throwing lead weights.

made in Italy The Dynomag hub is designed, engineered, tested and assembled entirely in Italy, using the knowledge of Magicmotorsport's team of experts.

Quick installation No digging to place the test bench, no need to call a team of experts to block your workshop for days. After connecting to the mains, all you have to do is follow the steps described in the included instructions.

5 star support Our customer service is ready to closely follow all your requests. Multi-channel approach, multi-lingual service and more than 300 hours of support per month!

See Dynomag Hub in action:

Bezeichnung // Kfz-Nabenprüfstand
Modell // Dynomag Nabe
Allgemeine Versorgungsspannung [VAC ] Dreiphasig: 400
Allgemeine Netzfrequenz [Hz] 50
Schalldruckpegel am Arbeitsplatz [dB(A)] < 70
Betriebsumgebungstemperatur [°C] [0 ; + 40]
Betriebsumgebungstemperatur [%] 85
Zulässige Getriebe // Manuell, Automatik, CVT (Sperrmodus)

Betriebsspannung [VAC ] Dreiphasig 400
Maximaler Eingangsstrom [A] [A]
Lasttyp // Induktiv
Leistungsausgänge [VAC ] Dreiphasig: 5 x 400
Einphasig: 4 x 240
 Maximaler Ausgangsstrom [A] Dreiphasig einzeln (5 Ausgänge): 20 / Einphasig gesamt: 16
Art des Schutzes  Magnetisch-thermischer Differenzialschalter: Dreiphasig: 20 A Kurve C, IΔN = 0,03A Typ A einzeln pro Ausgang Einphasig: 16 A Kurve C, IΔN = 0,03A Gesamter AC-Typ
 Totem-Gewicht [kg] 180
 Maximale Totem-Fläche [mm] 1720 x 950 x 920
Elektrischer Strom für eine Nabe [A] 16
Max. Nabenumdrehung [Umdrehung/min] 3000
Max. Bremsmoment [Nm] 1600
Max. Sturz-/Zehenwinkel [°] -+ 8
Gewicht der Nabe [Kg] 500
Max. Nabengröße [mm] 1300 x 950 x 750
Räder // Erlauben ein einfaches Kippen der Nabe und erleichtern ihre Neupositionierung
Elektrischer Strom [A] 32
Max. Bremsmoment [Nm] 3200
Max. Bremsleistung [CV/rpm] 800 / 2000 der Achse
Max. Achslast [Kg] 3000
Elektrischer Strom [A] 64
Max. Bremsmoment [Nm] 6400
Max. Bremsleistung [CV/rpm] 1600 / 2000 der Achse
Max. Achslast [Kg] 3000

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